Sculpt the Belly, Video 16

Sculpt the Belly

  • 0:00 Making Corrections Discussion
  • 0:55 Carve
  • 1:42 Sand

I mention in the video that high quality sandpaper lasts longer than the cheap stuff, but I'll mention here that it also works. I started to type "better" after typing works, but had to erase "better". The very cheap sandpaper just doesn't work at all, it's really a waste of a dollar. Use it to line the bottom of your bird cage, it works just fine in that capacity.

Also, it's smart to wear a mask while sanding. I just use the cheapest kind I can find.

  • 2:15 Sculpt The Belly

I mention how much I like ProSculpt again here. Good grief, woman, is there anything else you can talk about? I sound like a TV advertisement--it's good I have you guys to talk at, or my poor husband would go crazy. Just wanted to note here that I'm not sponsored by or even affiliated with ProSculpt. They don't know I talk about their clay constantly and I really should give them a call and ask if we can make a sponsorship arrangement, but I haven't yet.

Also, if you want to bake her after you get the belly just right & before sculpting the upper body details, go for it. I don't in the video but there's no reason not to. You might prefer to do so because it's easier to focus on the next step and not worry about messing up the belly.

  • 2:27 Moonie discussion
  • 3:32 Sculpt the Belly Button & waist

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