Sculpt the Mouth, Video 5

Sculpt the Mouth

  • 0:11 Add Clay for Upper & Lower Lips
  • 0:34 Mouth Anatomy
  • 1:34 Build up Philtrum Columns with snakes of clay
  • 2:11 Add more clay over the columns for the Upper Lip
  • 2:35 Define Cupid's Bow
  • 2:53 Check all angles and make corrections as needed
  • 3:09 Does the upper lip need to be even more built up?
  • 4:18 Add Creases and Define Lobes
  • 4:53 Define the White Roll
  • 5:30 Scrap the whole thing and start completely over ;)

JK, don't do that. But I do want to mention that it’s helpful to think of your previous work as stepping stones to your current work. Take satisfaction knowing you are slowly progressing in your ability and enjoy the journey.

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