Sculpt the Nose, Video 4

Sculpt the Nose

  • 0:00 Nose Anatomy
  • 0:32 Define Nose Wings
  • 1:13 Define Nostrils
  • 1:32 Push Nose Wings down with ball tool
  • 1:38 Refine the Nose Ridge
  • 1:57 Make corrections as necessary
  • 3:05 Round off root of nose again after adding the eyes
  • 3:10 Decide if you need more clay on the forehead and chin
  • 3:28 Dorsal base needs to be lifted?

Remember to look up at the face. It's easy to forget about that and then you end up with a doll that has a caved in head. Not ideal at all. ;)

  • 3:55 Throughout sculpting process be sure to stop and check all angles and make corrections as you see the problems.

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