Sculpt the Eyes Part 2, Video 7

Sculpt the Eyes, Part 2

  • 0:02 Smooth out a small pancakes of clay on the Upper Eyelid
  • 0:11 Snake of clay for Lower Lid
  • 0:20 Smooth out a large pancake of Clay over Lower Lid (to transition to cheek)
  • 0:43 Indent Lower Lid with ball tool
  • 1:03 Start process over for other eye
  • 1:12 Discussion about what inspires the artist
  • 2:10 Open eyes as desired
  • 2:15 Discussion about openness of eyelids
  • 3:30 Sculpt the Lacrimal Caruncles
  • 4:15 Trim face as needed
  • 4:30 Build up face as needed
  • 5:00 Dental tool to deepen the crease above the eyes
  • 5:30 Needle for fine detail work
  • 6:13 Use long blade to loosen and Lift Face from Sculpting Board
The next step is to Attach the Face to the Cranium, so you might want to go back and watch Head Armature & How to Attach the Face to the Head

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