The Armature, Video 13

The Armature

  • 0:51 Wire Wrapping

In the video I use a sketch that I drew to make the armature but that can be a little tricky because the mermaid has her knees up and her hair over her shoulders. So I drew a doll template and mermaid tail template in 1:12 scale and 1:6 scale. I hope these templates will work a little better for you since nothing is covered up.

Do keep in mind that I work in doll proportions (big head, unnaturally thin waist, little shoulders, big eyes, etc.). If you want a template true to real life you can always find an image online and just reduce it to the scale you want.

Note: It doesn’t hurt to keep that neck wire nice and long, with plenty of excess wire. Remember you can always cut it down later if you need.

  • 1:59 Tin Foil
  • 4:16 Floral Tape

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