Sculpt the Fantasy Ears, Video 8

Sculpt the Ears

  • 0:30 Meet Lily, our lovely fantasy ear model
  • 0:40 Form an Ear Shape and place it on the doll head.
  • The ear hole is right where the jaw bone begins… knowing this helps in knowing where to place the ear on the head
  • 1:00 Sculpt the Helix
  • 1:08 Cut Out the Concha Cavum
  • 1:14 Cut Out the Triangular Fossa
  • 1:20 Cut Out the Concha Cymba
  • 1:29 Smooth out cuts with small ball tool (wooden tool works well too)
  • 1:34 Slice off clay so ear gradually rises from the head, and smooth it out
  • 1:45 Define the Antitragus & Tragus
  • 2:00 Bake, then work on second ear & Bake again

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